Saturday, December 29, 2018

BlackMirror: Bandersnatch Flowchart

For those who wants to fully experience Netflix's BlackMirror: Bandersnatch, here's the flow chart to guide you.

I've spent probably more than 8 hours watching this movie to make this chart. Still not complete though. For example, I've watched a scene where JFD stabs Stefan, but I couldn't retrace the path to that scene. Also, I'm not sure how to get to the TOY password option.

So let me now if I miss anything else.

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Eduardo CorpeƱo said...

We'll let you now :)

Unknown said...

To get the TOY option I went through the whole Netflix answer me thing and chose fight her then it took me back to when Stefan went into the mirrior and a new option came up it said “follow dad” and it was from the part where the dad takes the toy rabbit then the kid makes the mom late and she dies on that train but basically if you chose follow dad the option toy should come up but I can’t reme what choices I made before this point unfortunately but I hope this helps.

Leah Jones said...

I am wondering, at the end on the far left.. it says "on subsequent iterations, stefan hangs up"... does this mean game over or does it go back and you have to try again?

Evan Raymonds said...

You can use creately flowchart maker to create amazing looking flowcharts and you can even export them from the software itself. There are 100s of flowchart examples and templates to be used freely as well. Its online so your diagrams will be saved perfectly. There are chrome integrations as well.